When your track is finished, it’s time to make it meet the market requirements of loudness, clarity and dynamics before it hits the clubs and audience. By letting us make the mastering for you, not only will you have it done by professionals, but also by a fresh pair of ears that have never heard your track and will find instantly the errors that you may be missing when you have listened to the same thing for so many hours. Put us to the test, you won’t regret!


In order to get the best result possible, we need you to send us the track in wav format, 24 bit 48 kHz, with -6 dB of headroom, without any plugin on the master channel.

Once you send us your track, you will get it back mastered within 2 working days, meeting the industry quality standards.

To continue, paste a link in the URL field above for us to download your track to be mastered. Please notice the only downloading platforms allowed are Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox and Wetransfer.